Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Midlothian Walking Festival - How Much To Attend This Great Looking Festival??

The Midlothian Walking Festival starts on the 8th Of August, it is a region just below Edinburgh.
A great looking programme with lots on offer. 18 events on over the weekend.

We have chosen the Orchard House Bed And Breakfast in Rosewell.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Deal Walking Festival - How Much?

The Deal Walking Festival is a 6 day walking event, starting on the Thursday the 22/08 to the Wednesday the 28/06. Deal is on the South coast not far from Dover. It has 22 walks for all abilities and with the festival not far away, how much does it cost to attend this fabulous event?

We have made an itinerary for 3 nights and 3 days of guided walking , starting on the Friday night and finishing on the Monday. Creating a long weekend of walking the white cliffs.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hawick Walking Festival - How Much??

The Hawick walking weekend near the Scottish/English border is almost upon us - commencing on the 17/08 but how much does it cost to attend this fabulous event?

We have made an itinerary for 3 nights and 3 days of guided walking , there is also a Hootenannie and Ceilidh on Sunday evening (18th) in conjunction with Hawick’s Summer festival, thrown in, all cheer!!

The accommodation we have chosen is in Hawick and its the North Bridge Bed & Breakfast. A great looking place.

Friday, 19 July 2013

How Much? The Enniscrone Walking Festival, Ireland

Now to the beautiful walking country of Ireland and to the Enniscrone Walking Festival held on the 14/09.

A two day event on the West coast of Ireland, there are 5 walks to choose from and every evening the Walking festival extends into the local pubs to discuss the walks of the day - it says around the hearth but not in today's weather.

How Much? - The Wee Binnian Walking Festival in Newry, Northen Ireland

Across the Irish Sea for us and of to the Wee Binnian Walking Festival for the weekend of Friday the 6th of September.

This looks like a great programme with 9 walks throughout the weekend and lots of evening entertainment. The walks are all graded with 3 levels of walking to enjoy. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How Much To Enjoy A Long Weekend At The Valleys Walking Festival, Wales

We are now going to the Valleys Walking Festival in Wales. starting on the 07/09 to the 22/09 this is a large walking festival with lots to offer. It covers a large area of South Wales.
There are 28 walks to choose from.

The itinerary will be starting on the 12/09 the Friday in the middle of the festival to the Monday the 16/09. Booking in to the Herons Brook Bed and Breakfast on the Thursday night.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blairgowrie & East Perthshire Walking Festival - How much to go and enjoy a long weekend walking?

How much to go to the Blairgowrie & East Perthshire Walking Festival ?

We have headed North to Scotland and to Blairgowrie to the annual walking festival. Using walking festivals uk website and the local bed and Breakfast we chose we have come up with a strenuous walking itinerary with a bit of luxury at the end of the day.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How Much Is A Walking Festival?

Walking Festivals UK have done some research and found that the you can have a long weekend 'Walking Festival ' for a fraction of the cost of a 'Walking Holiday'

For the  Much Wenlock Walking Festival starting on the 6th Of September we have put together a little itinerary to see how much the whole weekend would cost with B&B and 4 days of guided walking for 2 people.(there are more walks to choose from).

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Walking Festival Or Walking Holiday??

Walking Festival or Walking Holiday that is the question?

We don't want to take anything away from walking holidays as they are a fantastic way to visit new areas with knowledgeable and excellent guides but we would like to give you an alternative.