Friday, 28 February 2014

Walking Festivals - Whats All That About??

If you enjoy walking, hiking, trekking or like to find out about a new village or town, or a new national park, walking festivals are excellent ways to see the different parts of the country with local guides. These events and festivals are often organised by local people who know the walks and the areas very well and more often than not are non-profit events, meaning the walks are either free or only a small amount of money.

The festivals vary is size from 2 days over a weekend (Chepstow Walking Festival  ) to full fortnights of walking (Isle Of Wight Walking Festival ). There can be 4 walks on a day to a full programme of 20 walks to choose from (Hay Walking Festival ). There really is an event or walk for everyone.

You can opt to attend one walk or the full festival, spend a few nights in a b&b and make a great walking holiday out of it.
Also most of the festivals have entertainment on nights which make it a full event/holiday for you to enjoy. We found last year through some simple research you can enjoy one of these great events for as little as £100 for a 3 night walking weekend, with all the walks and evening entertainment thrown in, in a good quality bed and breakfast.You can read some of our How Much?? blogs from last autumn here. If you were to join a guided walking holiday for the same amount of time it would cost you in the region of £300.

We have attended a few now on our own and with children and they really are one of the best ways to discover new walking areas and find new walks in areas you have already been to. On our site we have over 180 listed in the UK and Ireland so chances are there is one on your doorstep.

Go along and check it out for yourself and support your local walking festival or visit new pastures.

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